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Face of burghley

Face of Burghley model competition 2019 Terms & Conditions

  • UK based Applicants should be female or male, aged 17 (on or before 5th September 2019) or above - there is no upper age limit
  • Under 18s require parental or guardian consent to enter the competition which is acknowledged and agreed by checking the appropriate box on the Application Form.
  • Applicants must not have any serious criminal convictions or have been in any way involved in any illegal or immoral activities, as deemed applicable by the organisers.
  • Failure to disclose accurate information on the Application Form or in any related or subsequent correspondence may result in the Applicants/Finalists expulsion from the competition at the discretion of the organisers and without redress.
  • There is no Entry Fee to apply for the Face of Burghley competition and public voting is not required to be selected.
  • On Applying for the competition, the Applicant will have been directed to read and understand these Terms & Conditions and in doing so has agreed to be bound by them.


  • Shortlisted entrants will be required to attend judging event on Thursday 22nd August, 9am-5pm in Stamford, Lincolnshire.
  • Finalists must arrive on time and remain for the duration of the judging event and be properly prepared as per the instructions provided by the organisers beforehand.
  • Finalists are responsible for their own personal expenses including travel
  • Finalists cannot participate in any other model competitions or beauty pageants for the duration of the Face of Burghley competition.
  • A Selection Panel of no less than two officially authorised persons will oversee and select the winners of Face of Burghley from all applications submitted and their decisions will be final.
  • Winners (x 2 female and x1 male) will be required to attend a full day photoshoot on Thursday 5th September at the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials in Stamford, Lincolnshire.
  • Make-up and Hair styling at the photoshoot will be assigned and provided by the organisers creative teams and the winners agree to accept the decisions of the creative teams without complaint and wear any garments and accessories allocated to them
  • All finalists agree to participate in and co-operate with all press and media opportunities, where applicable.
  • Winners must retain the look, shape and weight which was reflected at the judging event/point of selection
  • Where appropriate, finalists agree to promote their participation in Face of Burghley competition via their own social media platforms using #hashtags or links provided by Face of Burghley.


  • All prizes awarded or promised may be substituted, removed or replaced by the organisers at any time, if necessary.
  • The organisers or allotted representatives cannot accept responsibility or liability for the failure of any prizes or promises made or provided by any third party
  • All free gifts are run in conjunction with independent suppliers and fulfilment of the prize rests with the prize donor with no alternative provided.


  • The Applicant/Finalist understands and accepts that she/he is fully liable for her own personal safety and liabilities, actions and well-being.
  • The Applicant/Finalist understands and accepts that the organiser shall not be held responsible or liable for any injury to any Applicant/Finalist, supporter or third party or for the loss or damage to any of their property or possessions that might occur during any part of the competition process or thereafter.
  • Personal belongings or possessions are willingly used and stored entirely at the Finalists/Applicants own risk and the Applicant/Finalist agrees to take every due care and attention to safeguard such and, in doing so, consider and protect the well-being, safety and security of those around her/him, without redress to the organisers.
  • Whilst every care is taken in the preparation of published information, dates, locations, times or materials, the organisers shall not be liable for any errors or omissions or be held responsible for any unfulfilled guarantees made by third parties. The organisers reserve the right to make operational and other changes to any element of the event, if required.
  • The organisers accept no liability for the loss, damage or abuse of any materials or possessions which have been provided or submitted to the organisers, whether directly or via a third party carrier or source.
  • The dates, times and/or location of any official Face of Burghley event or show may be changed by the organisers at any time if deemed necessary or under extenuating circumstances and without redress to the organisers.


  • Applicants/Finalists agree and accept that all images and video footage of the Applicant/Finalist, whether submitted by the Applicant/Finalist or produced in relation to the Face of Burghley competition, may be used by the organisers in any way deemed relevant for promotional, public relations, publication, internet or social media purposes.
  • In agreeing, the Applicant/Finalist waives all rights to copyright claims or claims of intellectual property rights for an indefinite period.


  • The organiser may amend any of these Terms and Conditions at any time, if so deemed necessary, and the organisers retain the exclusive right to adjudicate, determine or settle any matters not covered within these Terms & Conditions.
  • These Terms & Conditions replace any previously issued and are automatically applicable from the date that an applicant completes an Application Form in the stated competition year that these Terms & Conditions are issued.
  • For purposes of ALL communication, notifications, updates or the distribution of information, the e-mail address provided by the Applicant/Finalist at the time of submitting an application will be used in all cases and such is accepted by all parties as the acceptable method of communication. Applicants/Finalists are personally responsible for the regular checking of such and any related administration or communication that may be required.
  • The Applicant/Finalist understands and accepts that it is the Applicants/Finalists responsibility to inform all related third parties of any relevant commitments within these Terms & Conditions that may affect them and any subsequent relevant communications. Any subsequent matters or disputes in respect of such shall be undertaken between the said Applicant/Finalist and any such third parties, without redress to the organisers, sponsors or associates.
  • In accepting these Terms & Conditions, the Applicant/Finalist also acknowledges acceptance of the associated Model Release which the Applicant/Finalist confirms he/she has read and has understood the content and obligations.


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