5-8 September 2024

Work of the Horse

Located by Lion Bridge, The World of the Horse houses a diverse range of over 40 companies demonstrating new and innovative products and services to the equestrian world, as well as offering a wide range of items to purchase. For further details please visit www.worldofthehorse.co.uk

Allen & Page Ltd

Horse feed Manufacturers

https://www.allenandpage.co.uk Phone: 01362 822900

    Avalanche Equestrian

    Stylish and practical equestrian clothing

    https://www.avalancheequestrian.co.uk Phone: 07900 242331

      Aviform Ltd

      Equine and dog nutritional supplements

      http://www.aviform.co.uk Phone: 01953 528008

        Aztec Diamond

        Premium sportswear and every day luxury apparel

        https://www.aztecdiamondequestrian.com Phone: 01207 788685

          Back In Action

          Beating back pain with high design furniture and the Mobiliser

          https://www.backinaction.co.uk Phone: 07793 842067

            Baillie Haylage

            Haylage for the equestrian market

            https://www.baileehaylage.co.uk Phone: 01472 398696


              High spec supplements for horses, dogs and humans using finest active ingredients developed and produced in the UK

              https://bettalife.co.uk/ Phone: 01937 580782

                Black Country Saddles

                Manufacturers of bespoke made to measure English Saddles

                http://www.blackcountrysaddles.com Phone: 01543 578243

                  Black Heart Equestrian

                  Fashionable and functional British brand creating equestrian apparel for all riders

                  https://www.blackheartequestrian.com Phone: 07801 235555


                    The original Miscanthus Burlybed range of bedding and haylage products

                    http://www.burlybed.co.uk Phone: 01208 822346

                      Dengie Horse Feeds

                      UK's leading producer of fibre based horse feeds

                      https://www.dengie.com Phone: 01621 841188

                        Derriere Equestrian Limited

                        Equestrian underwear

                        https://www.derriereequestrian.com Phone: 01608 656379

                          Digby & Litten Ltd

                          British Countryside lifestyle brand of clothing

                          https://www.digbylitten.co.uk Phone: 07740 285353

                            Drimee Ltd

                            Horse Solariums and rug dryers

                            https://www.drimee.com Phone: 07714 153007

                              Emerald Green Feeds

                              Grower of grass and alfalfa forages

                              https://www.emeraldgreenfeeds.co.uk Phone: 01526 398236


                                LED Headband, beanies and hi-viz accessories

                                https://www.equi-light.com Phone: 07971 873555

                                  Equine Products UK Ltd

                                  Nutritional supplements, tonics and applications

                                  https://www.equineproducts-ukltd.com Phone: 01912 645536

                                    Erreplus Saddles

                                    Finest Italian Saddles

                                    https://www.shawsequestrian.com Phone: 01335 370737


                                      Eurotherapy classic, treatment for long term joint and muscle pain

                                      https://www.eurotherapy.co.uk Phone: 01933 386737

                                        Event Collection

                                        High End Sportswear & Tailoring Brand with Design Led Innovative Detailing

                                        https://www.eventcollection.uk Phone: 01278 722384

                                          Horizon Horseback

                                          Horseback safaris in South Africa and Botswana

                                          https://www.ridinginafrica.com Phone: +27 834 191929

                                            Horse & Rider Magazine

                                            Horse & Rider Magazines and merchandise

                                            https://www.horseandrideruk.com Phone: 01428 601020

                                              JFC Equine

                                              Manufacturer of quality, durable equine products covering stable and outdoor requirements

                                              http://www.jfcagri.com Phone: 01691 659 226

                                                Leather Genie

                                                High quality leather balsam and cleaner care

                                                https://www.leathergenie.co.uk Phone: 0800 0931181


                                                  Mudcontrol Slabs and Fencing. Recycled plastic products

                                                  https://www.mudcontrol.co.uk Phone: 01536 669630

                                                    Pony Magazine

                                                    Pony Magazines and merchandise

                                                    https://www.ponymag.com Phone: 01428 601020

                                                      Premier Performance CZ Ltd

                                                      Equine Supplements

                                                      http://www.premierperformance.co uk Phone: 01234 414190

                                                        Protexin Equine Premium

                                                        Health and joint products for the equestrian market

                                                        https://www.equinepremium.com Phone: 01460 243230

                                                          Silvermoor Ltd

                                                          Equestrian feed manfacturers

                                                          https://www.silvermoor.com Phone: 01665 602587

                                                            SupaStuds Ltd

                                                            Horse Shoe Studs

                                                            https://www.supastuds.com Phone: 01299 403389

                                                              Tick Tack

                                                              Suppliers for the Cross Country Equestrian; baselayers, breeches, stop watches, stud kits, FOMO body protectors and more

                                                              https://www.fomoprotection.com Phone: 07943 922 277


                                                                Wonder Pax, hot and cold gel packs

                                                                http://www.clixtherapy.com Phone: +39 351 667 2226

                                                                  Woodland Shavings

                                                                  Manufacturer of wood shavings for equestrian bedding

                                                                  https://www.woodlandshavings.co.uk Phone: 01697 746890

                                                                    WOW Saddles

                                                                    WOW saddles and FreeSpace Girths

                                                                    https://www.wowsaddles.com Phone: 01227 831614