Defender Burghley Horse Trials

5 - 8 September 2024

Cupid March

Virtual Dubarry Burghley Young Event Horse

Watch The top 5 Horses From The 4 year old and 5 year old Classes;
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Open to four and five year olds, the judges look for an athletic, loose moving horse with a promising jumping technique and attitude which, with correct training and production, will develop physically and mentally into a strong three-day event horse. Judges are looking for a potential top class three day eventer, they are not judging the rider or the facilities.

The winner is that with the highest overall marks from three sections: Dressage, Jumping and Conformation & Quality. The winner of each class will receive a £1000 Dubarry voucher.

Judges: Dressage: Jean Mitchell, MBE (IRL); Jumping: Helen West; Conformation & Quality: David Ingle


Dressage Test (30 marks): 40m x 20m arena on grass or all weather.

Marks will not be awarded for individual movements but the test will be marked for general impression and overall performance.


To be ridden from memory

A Enter in working trot

From X proceed directly to

M Working trot

C Serpentine 3 loops each loop to go to side of the arena finishing at A

F X H Change rein showing some lengthened strides
(Not required for 4 year olds)

Between H&C Working canter right

C Circle right 20m diameter

M X K Change rein with transition to trot between X and K

Between K&A Working canter left

A Circle left 20m diameter

Between A&F Working trot

Between F&B Medium walk

B Half 20m circle left in free walk on a long rein to E

E Directly to A - leave arena free walk on a long rein


Jumping (40 marks): a course on grass or all weather surface to be built in accordance with course requirements to suit the facilities available.


Conformation (12 marks) and Quality (8 marks): horse to be filmed in walk and trot, away from and towards the camera.

Static conformation photograph also required .

Note: in the event of equality of marks after all three sections, the jumping mark will take precedence. Should this still produce equality of marks, the highest mark attained in the dressage section will be the deciding factor.