5-8 September 2024

Oliver Townend Ballaghmor Class DBHT 100623

Privacy Policy

1. Burghley Horse Trials Limited is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office as a Data Controller: ZA365894.

2. Burghley Horse Trials Limited is both a Data Controller and a Data Processor under the UK General Data Protection Regulation, which means that it determines for what purposes personal information will be held, or will be used for. It is also responsible for notifying the Information Commissioner of the data it holds or is likely to hold, and the general purposes that this data will be used for.

3. Our registered address is 61 High Street, St Martins, Stamford, Lincolnshire PE9 2LQ. Our business address is Burghley Horse Trials Admin Office, Barnack Road, Stamford, Lincolnshire, PE9 2LH.

4. The Data Controller needs to gather and use certain information about individuals. The data we might collect from you includes your name, address, age, email address, telephone numbers and date of birth.

5. These can include clients, customers, event participants, suppliers, business contacts, employees and other people the organisation has a relationship with or may need to contact.

6. Any complaints about our use of data, requests for copies of that data and any issues with its collection, retention and disposal should be addressed to the Data Protection Officer at the above business address.

7. This policy describes the information we may collect, how it is used or shared by us and the data subject’s rights in this regard.

8. The information we hold about data subjects is provided by the data subject, or third parties with the data subject’s consent or on some other lawful basis, in the course of our legitimate interests as a sporting event.

9. We only hold data if we have a lawful basis for doing so.

10. The data we keep is limited to the data we need to undertake our role as a sporting event. We will use the information to enter into and perform a contract with you, to compile and publish statistics in relation to our events, to provide our services to you and to write to you from time to time in respect of matters that may be of interest to you.

11. All organisations that process personal data must only do so for a lawful reason. We therefore only hold and/or process data for one of the following reasons:

  • With the data subject’s consent
  • To perform or anticipate entering into a contract
  • To fulfil a legal obligation
  • To protect vital interests of a data subject or another
  • To perform a task in the public interest or in an official capacity
  • In furtherance of legitimate interests of ourselves or a third party

12. The data subject has the right to be informed about the information held about them and what we use it for; the data subject can ask for a copy of the personal information we hold; the data subject can ask us to correct any inaccuracies; the data subject can ask us to stop sending information or ask us to delete the personal information held about them.

13. Most of the information we hold is based on the basis of the data subject’s consent in furtherance of a contract or anticipation of entering in to one, or on the basis of legitimate interest

14. Information that details your rights in this regard can be found on the website of the Information Commissioners Office. If you are unhappy with how we deal with you, you can complain to them

15. To request access to that outlined in paragraph 8 above please contact us at Burghley Horse Trials Admin Office, Barnack Road, Stamford, Lincolnshire, PE9 2LH.

16. We may contact you in such a manner and for purposes that you would reasonably expect us to do.

17. We will retain your data unless you ask us to delete it for as long as it needs to be held for necessary administrative purposes; in furtherance of any legal obligation we hold and if there are overriding business interests, such as the safety and security of others.

18. We will only share your personal data internally and with third parties for necessary administrative purposes, (for example competitor details with the press for the publishing of entries, scores or results), or in furtherance of any legal obligation we hold.

19. Our website uses cookies for analytical purposes. Through their use we are able to track visitors to our website to improve the user experience. Although it traces IP addresses, all personal data other than the address is not collected. Further details on cookies can be found in the Cookies section below.

20. This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. If it is updated an announcement will be made on this website.

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Any personal information we hold about you is stored and processed under our data protection policy, in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.


We will always hold your information securely. To prevent unauthorised disclosure or access to your information, we have implemented physical and electronic security safeguards.

We also follow stringent procedures to ensure we work with all personal data in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR.

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