5-8 September 2024

Burghley 2018 M Lewis107

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation or Abandonment of the Event

No refunds will be made on the day. In the event of cancellation or abandonment of the Event, money paid in respect of advance bookings or a logical proportion thereof, will be refunded on the return to the Box Office of tickets/passes which could not be used because of cancellation or abandonment. Refunds will only be made in respect of any day that is wholly abandoned before the start of that day’s competition. In respect of items covering the whole event (membership, caravan membership, season tickets etc) the following proportions will be refunded: cancelled before Thursday starts 100%; before Friday 85%; before Saturday 60%; before Sunday 15%. Please send badges/tickets and car park pass stating full name and address of sender and, if different from that of sender the full name and address of the purchaser to: The Box Office, Burghley Horse Trials, Barnack Road, Stamford, Lincolnshire, PE9 2LH.

To be valid, requests for refunds must be received in writing by the Burghley Horse Trials Office, Barnack Road, Stamford, PE9 2LH no later than 30 September 2023. Burghley Horse Trials Ltd will have no responsibility or liability of any nature in respect of any request received after that time.

Data Protection

Burghley Horse Trials Ltd aims to set the best practice in implementing the current data protection legislation. As part of our service to you, we would like to advise you that the details of your transaction will be retained on our database for a period of three years after your booking. This is to facilitate future bookings. If you would like your details deleted from the Burghley Horse Trials database please put your request in writing to Burghley Horse Trials Admin Office, Barnack Road, Stamford, Lincolnshire, PE9 2LH or email horsetrials@burghley.co.uk

For further details of our Privacy Policy please click here

Disclaimer of Liability

Save for the death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the Organisers or anyone for whom they are in law responsible, neither the Organisers, Burghley Horse Trials Limited, British Eventing Limited, the Trustees of Burghley Estate, nor any agent, employee or representative of these bodies accepts any liability for any accident, loss, damage, injury or illness to horses, owners, riders, grooms, exhibitors, spectators, dogs, land, cars, their contents and accessories or any other person or property whatsoever, whether caused by their negligence, breach of contract or in any other way whatsoever. The Organisers shall not be liable in respect of any loss or damage whatsoever arising from the abandonment, cancellation or postponement of The Defender Burghley Horse Trials, or any such eventuality.

All badges, car park labels and hospitality packages are sold subject to the Organisers reserving the right to refuse admission to Burghley Park to any person, or to withdraw permission at any time to remain in the Park, and they shall not be required to give any reason for such action.

Cancelled Bookings, Lost, Forgotten or Unused Tickets and Badges

No refunds or duplicates will be issued. This includes all lost, forgotten, unused or surplus car passes, admission tickets and Members’/guest badges. To arrange Special Delivery, please select this option when ordering online.


The organisers maintain the right to use images, photographs and footage taken by their contracted photographers, videographers and employees at the event without informing or recompense to event participants or visitors. These images can be used for promotional purposes as undertaken by the organisers and their partners, which will cover a range of possible uses including advertising press and media, printed information items, editorial coverage and any other promotion directly related to the event or its sponsors.


Drones are not permitted in any area of the event at any time.