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Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials

Pippa Funnell MGH GRAFTON STREET PN19 125380

2017 5 year old final results


Dressage (30)

Confor-mation (12)Quality (8)Sub TotalSuitability & Potential
Sub TotalRide
Andrew Bennie & Judy Hancock
Matthew Lanni & Gary Parsonage
Henrietta Knight
Blyth Tait
Blyth Tait
538POYNSTOWN STONEHAVENTracy Walshe (IRL)23.833.
520HARIEKO DHIHeidi Woodhead24.530.
509COOLPARKS SARCOVicky Brake23.
521HAZZLE DAZZLEEmilie Chandler22.
533MISS COOLEYOliver Townend23.831.
535MONBEG ODYSSEYGeorgie Strang21.829.
508COOLEY NOW OR NEVEREmilie Chandler20.
517HAMADAClare Abbott (IRL)21.330.
534MISS MONEYPENNYJohn-Paul Sheffield23.
527JESMOND RAINBOWWilla Newton25.825.
510CRISTAL FONTAINEKitty King23.529.
504C.DO IT TOMORROWRosalind Canter21.832.
512DONT TELL TOMVicky Brake20.
528KROON FREDDIESamantha Jimmison21.830.
523HIKITAJohn-Paul Sheffield23.
540RANDALSTOWN QUESTLaura Collett24.824.
541SHANNONDALE NADIARosalind Canter24.826.
547ZOSIASarah Parkes20.830.
515GRAFENNACHTTom Jackson24.
529LUPICORDEEliza Stoddart20.028.510.07.065.565.565.5
522HERA SAnnie Bellamy20.
526HYACINT DHIAlice Haynes18.532.
519HARDINHarry Horgan21.329.
507COCK A DOODLE DOOWilla Newton23.
525HULLABALO IITiana Coudray (USA)20.528.
537PARTY TRICKNick Gauntlett20.826.
539QUINARASara Bowe21.327.
542SIR ALFRED IIPolly Stockton20.529.
545WISBEACH CEVIN Z PRIDEAlexander Whewall21.525.
513FMSH RAMIROMartyn Johnson22.824.
524HORATIO DNRichard Coney19.330.
543TIGER ATTACKAimee Stunt20.825.
516HAKUNA MATATA VDZMichelle Hindmarsh20.827.
532MIDNIGHT BLUESJohn-Paul Sheffield20.824.
546WOODCROFT HARVESTWilla Newton21.824.
503CARRICOS CONQUESTMatt Earith19.525.
514FRUITLOOPAmy I Roberts21.823.
530MHS AFRICAJohn-Paul Sheffield19.825.
506CLEMENTINE DE BRENNEEmilie Chandler23.
511CUZHarri Green18.523.
544VILLANDRYGeorgia Holden19.
502BRENTANO SPICETom Rowland20.519.


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