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Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials

Harry Meade LRBHT PN18 96154

How the 15 Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials first timers fared

Seven first timers completed the competition - we spoke to the three highest placed after their showjumping rounds.

Sunday, September 02, 2018 - 16:00
Ciaran Glynn LRBHT PN18 95764

16th after cross-country, Ciaran Glynn and November Night were the best first timers, placing 14th.

“That was a very good first Burghley! I knew the showjumping would be tough because November Night has a huge stride, but the feel she has given me all week is really encouraging. She is phenomenally scopey.”

24th after cross-country, Camille Lejeune and Tahina Des Isles were the first combination to show jump clear, moving up to 16th.

“She’s incredible. The atmosphere today was incredible; better than Pau or Badminton because the crowds are closer.”

20th after cross-country, Katie Preston and Templar Justice finished 24th.

“Completion! He was mega today – we had six show jumps down in Luhmuhlen so this is a huge improvement. We’ve had a personal best in all phases so I couldn’t have asked for more. Hopefully we’ll be back next year!”

33rd after cross-country, Tom Rowland and Possible Mission finished 27th.

38th after cross-country, Hazel Towers and Simply Clover finished 33rd.

39th after cross-country, Ashley Edmond and Triple Chance finished 34th.

45th after cross-country, Lydia Hannon and My Royal Touch finished 39th.

Withdrawn before the final horse inspection

27th after cross-country, Julie Tew and Simply Sox.

29th after cross-country, Hector Payne and Dynasty.

40th after cross-country, Ginny Thompson and Star Nouveau.

Retired on the cross-country course

34th after dressage, Sam Ecroyd and Master Douglas at the Leaf Pit.

67th after dressage, Katrin Khoddam Hazrati and Cosma at the Leaf Pit.

Eliminated on the cross-country course

35th after dressage, Emily Prangnell and DHI Beauness at the Leaf Pit.

59th after dressage, Sarah Pickard and Polo Striker at the Trout Hatchery.

Retired before cross-country

58th after dressage, Lissa Green and Hollyfield II.


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